This Title Begs for Attention

I've read a lot of articles the past 3 years. They all seem to start with a title that promises insight in a particular subject and sometimes end with an open-ended conclusion. I've found myself writing in this style. It feels odd and inauthentic.

With this post I'm going to attempt to breakaway from the norms. I chose a title that's straightforward and a bit unusual; maybe it'll standout?

Next, I'm going to be as real as possible. I'm just going to spout off what's in my head. Type verbatim what my inner voice dictates and not try to presume to know anything.

Is that different? A post that has nothing to offer other than tinder for the mind. To be cliche—food for thought.

Here's where I'd be tempted to say "we" the beginning of an assertion. But it's hard to not gravitate toward making one, so here it goes. 

We know very little. There's so much we claim to know to protect our pride and self-respect, but if we took a moment to exclaim "I know nothing!" Then maybe we'd get somewhere.

Is that the moment when I pour my glass out and say it's empty? Is that when I'm truly ready to learn? When I stop calling myself an expert and truly wish to learn again from scratch, like a child. When I lay down my pride and let go of my self-imposed expectations.

When there were no expectations of greatness and taking the first steps as a child were both a surprise and an accomplishment that was the moment I was most ready to learn. I want to be there again. No pressure; all adventure.

Am I looking for a reset? Do I want to start over and return to a time when my first step commanded the greatest praise? Possibly.

Maybe Apple does too. Maybe Microsoft has.

Is there a point when you've pulled out all the stops and your audience is bored? Even you're bored. Potentially.

If everything is taken away, only then will what's missing be appreciated? Because who hopes for what they already have? Who is surprised by what they've already seen? Who is impressed by what they've already done?


When all is exhausted and the climax has been reached—it's time to start over.