Have a Microphone, Need an Audience

What the title should read: "Have an Audience, Need a Microphone". The need for a microphone is dependent on the existence of an audience willing to listen. If there is no audience, there is no need for a microphone – unless the orator simply loves the sound of his/her voice or using microphones.

In my case, I love building websites, taking pictures and using video production tools. It's the process and admiring the final result that are the most appealing. I create and then hope that someone watches or reads.

In the analogy above, I'm the guy who enjoys using microphones. In fact, I purchased one just because I always wanted a USB mic. Can I sing? Probably not without Auto-Tune. Do I have a talk show? I want one, just to use my new microphone. 

I don't think I'm alone in this. That's why the Internet is filled with blogs and tweets. We don't have an audience, but would like one. Despite not having an audience, we enjoy spouting off. Perhaps a journal would be a more appropriate medium. Be it as it may, singing in the shower isn't so terrible, considering how many of us are metaphorically guilty of it.

If you want an audience, you must be willing to create what an audience will value. If you're creating to satisfy your own personal tastes, don't be surprised when there isn't one. In this case, it's okay if the comment section remains empty – this blog is and has always been for my enjoyment.