Amazon Music 25k Sweepstakes Gets Me to Try Their App

I've been a loyal iTunes user and now Apple Music subscriber, only deviating to Spotify for a short time. But, Amazon Music's 25k Sweepstakes is making the app irresistibly tempting. 

I may not win the sweepstakes, the chance to win is always worth a shot, but the real reason I'm interested in Amazon Music is cost. With Apple Music, I'm paying for a separate family subscription, but with Amazon Music it is included at no additional cost with my Prime Membership.

The Amazon Music app has a clean, easy to navigate interface that includes all the music I love. It even has a guide for albums with instrumental and lyrical tracks. When listening to electronic music, I prefer songs to that do not have lyrics. Amazon Music helps me select the tracks I'm interested in and exclude the rest. 

There's only one thing preventing me from switching. Right now I have a family plan with Apple Music that allows up to 6 family members. Amazon Music appears to only allow 2 adults, from what I'm reading online. I'm sharing my account with both of my parents and my girlfriend. I'd like to see the user limit expanded. Then, Amazon Music would be worth the switch.

Amazon Music app for Mac is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. 

Amazon Music app for Mac is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.